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People. Put the Moscato DOWN!!!

I love wine and I love sweet wine, but the love affair between people and Moscato has to stop. I get it; it tastes like juice and you get a buzz. For some it’s the perfect introduction into the wine world. But that’s all that it should be – an introduction to the vast options that wine has to offer.

This is why I’m here – to help you see how simple it is to give some other grapes a try. Will you like every glass you sip, NO.  But you will enjoy the experience of drinking them.

Vino-ista is about the Vino lifestyle. I’m here to open your eyes to drinking, experiencing, traveling, and living the Vino-ista lifestyle – all within a community that gives you a safe place to explore the wonders of wine.

In this world you will drink, chat, meet new people, see new places and discover wine. Who wouldn’t enjoy that!

So check-in often for tips, terms, Vines2try and more. I promise you will not only find different wines to drink, but travel the world within them.

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9 thoughts on “People. Put the Moscato DOWN!!!

  1. Ha! These are my sentiments exactly. I’m excited to continue reading and hear about all of the other wonderful wines I should be exploring. Great work!

  2. Never drank Moscato, probably because I’m not a big fan of sweet wines. I will admit that I drank Stella Rosa for about a month (don’t judge me – hahaha). I’ve now gone back to being a purist, and I do have a favorite reasonably priced Pinot Noir that I just adore. If you have’t done so, try Grayson Pinot Noir (2009), it’s light and delish, and about $11.00 🙂 Unfortunately, Total Wine stopped carrying it, so I’m on the hunt 😦

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I simply want people to understand there are many options other than moscato. Even if you do like sweet wine. Don’t let celebrities determine what we drink. Try it all!!!!

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