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WineFlights: RedWhite+Bluezz

WineFlights took me to RedWhite+Bluezz” in Pasadena. Bluezz is bringing the sexy to the wine drinking experience.

Vibe: My first visit to RedWhite+Bluezz was a chance encounter after work. At first glance it looks like a casual bistro with a street front patio. Then you step into a softly lit room; see the white table clothes, rich furniture and  hear the live jazz being played and you KNOW you’re in for a treat.

Vino: At Bluezz you can choose from a variety of wine flights with unique themes. I selected the “Real Characters” flight that featured three interesting reds; a Tempranillo, Pinot Noir and Neprica.

Of course I loved the  combination of the flight, allowing me to experience Spain, France and Italy within a few sips.

Besides the pairing, I appreciated that Bluezz provided a tasting sheet that listed each wine with room to jot down notes. All wine bars should do this. Seriously!

Flight tasting sheet

Vittles: It was dinner time for this visit, I selected the  wedge Cesar salad, Kobe burger and sweet potato fries and let me say it was delish!!! (Tip: The burger was on the large side, I would suggest you share and order extra fries.) Besides dinner  options, there are plenty of tapas and cheese plates to pair with your wine of choice.

Valet: Parking is so convenient you have to stop. There is street metered parking right outside Bluezz and larger structure across the street.

Value: The wine flights cost was about what you would expect and the food was at the mid-price range, but worth every cent.

Vote:  I have been back to this wine bar since my first visit. Bluezz is perfect to relax with some friends or Sunday brunch with a date. You can’t lose with this place and I’m sure you will find a new vino to try.

Vino-ista’s pull up a glass and visit RedWhite+Bluezz and you might catch me there too!

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