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Think Pink – Get Crazy for Rose’!

If you have spent any time with me this summer you know, I’m crazy about Rose’! It’s been the perfect companion for this warm summer. 

As most people, I thought of Rose’ as something my parents had at all their parties when I was young. It came in boxes, jugs and consumed in bulk. You know what I’m talking about “White Zinfandel.”  That memory kept me from drinking Rose’ until I went to France. There I discovered that Rose’ although similar to White Zin, is NOT White Zin.

Rose’ or blush wines are created by leaving red grape skins in contact with its juice during the wine making process. The depth or clarity in color depends on the type of grape and the duration of contact with the skin.  What separates most Rose’ from White Zin, is the presence of added sugar to create its super sweet version.

Want to give Rose’ a try, here are my top 6 reasons to get Crazy about Rose’:

  1. Rose’ is made for all type of wine drinkers. Its taste can range from dry(no sweetness), sweet to sparkling.
  2. They are diverse in taste, smell and look. Each bottle you try will be different depending where the wine came from.
  3. Rose’ is perfect for warm day. Because they are served chilled and low alcohol levels, it delivers a refreshing relief from the heat.
  4. Although its perfect for summer time, can be found and consumed all year long.
  5. It pairs great with a variety of food; Picnic/cold cuts, mild cheeses and Latin/Asian dishes especially.
  6. You can find great Rose’ at every price point.

Now, that you know why you should try it. Here are a few recommendations to get you started. These selections were discovered by accident, through travel and blog reviews. Give them a try and let Vino-ista’s know what you think.

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