Off the Vine / Vine2Try

Vine2Try – Wycliff California Champagne

If you think you don’t like champagne, then you have not tried Wycliff. This Brut(dry) champagne is dry, but with a fresh fruit finish that makes it pleasing to the anti-champagne drinker (TRUST ME).

This gem was recently experienced at The Reef  for brunch. Normally, brunch means mimosa’s, but with one sip of this wine you know this brand can be indulged alone.

Price: 3.99-7.99

Where to buy: Unfortunately, you can’t buy this one in local stores, but you can buy it online at  Hi-Time Wine Cellars. Although there are other online retailers, Hi-Time is the best option with a flat shipping rate of 9.99 and per bottle price of 3.99.
Recommendation: Stock up on this wine for the holiday season or just because. You and your guests will not be disappointed at the value or the taste. ENJOY!!

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