Vine2Try – Thanksgiving 2012

An impromptu visit to my favorite wine store, the Total Wine Store was perfectly in tune with the upcoming holiday. The theme for this weekends tasting was wines that pair well with Thanksgiving meals.

Vino-ista’s here are Vine2Try. There is something for all of  your palates and can be found at the  Total Wine Store, which is open Thanksgiving Day!

Angeline 2011 Sauvignon Blanc(Russian River Valley)Price:11.99

Recommendation: For white wine drinkers or those that are transitioning from sweeter white wines. Its clean and citrus taste is pleasing and not too dry.

Riesling 2011 Rock View(Columbia Valley) Price:5.99

Recommendation: If you like an off dry(sweet, but not super sweet) wine, this one is perfect for you. The honey feel in your mouth pulls you in. Its a great value and will please most guest this holiday, so stock up!

Gewurztraminer 2009 Washington Hill (Paradise Peak) Price:9.99

Recommendation: If your looking for a off-dry wine in a different variety, try this one. Although its a off-dry(sweet) wine, there is enough acidity that leaves a clean finish. (Meaning – its sweet, but not syrup sweet.)

Beaujolais Nouveau 2012 by Geogres Duboeuf Price:8.97

Basics about Beaujolais Nouveau: It is only released after the 3rd Thursday of November. Only 6 weeks old and made from the Gamay grape. It should be consumed young and is a light bodied, fruity, and easy to drink red wine. More information

Recommendation: For white wine drinkers that are transitioning to red and red wine drinkers that enjoys a smooth, easy to drink wine. With notes of berry it is pleasing to every palate. Serve slightly chilled.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2012 by Jeane-Claude Debeaune Price:9.99

Recommendation: With a burst of berry at first sip and its smooth and easy finish, this is red for any wine drinker. Serve slighted chilled and with any meal.

Shiraz 2009 by Elderston Friends Barossa Valley Price:19.99

Recommendation: If you like jammy, big red wine you will love this fruit forward red.

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