Off the Vine

Meet the Winemaker – Vision Cellars

For wine lovers there are two ways to the love wine more; visit where the wine is made or meet the person who makes the wine.

Meeting Mac McDonald was not only a treat because I sampled his wine, but because I was able to meet a man with the incredible vision to create Vision Cellars.

20130304-214944.jpgThere are many things about the owner of Vision Cellars that make it obvious why the wine is good. It could be that Mac knew he wanted to make wine when he was 11, sparking a deep passion for wine early on. It could also be that decisions about how his wine is made are done after extensive hands on research and literally digging 8ft into the soil to ensure the right vines are planted in the right soil. But be beyond that, is its simply that he loves wine, his wife and does the wine business his own way; wearing overalls and telling great stories to wine drinkers on a Saturday afternoon.

Tasting the wine:

First, the 2011 white blend, made with more Sauvignon Blanc than Pinot Gris because his wife loves Sauvignon Blanc(sounds like a good reason to me!). It’s a so20130304-215120.jpgft light bodied wine. Has a smooth honey feel with clean citrus(lemon/lime) acidity that is pleasing to taste.

Next up we taste what his does best, 2011 and 2008 Pinot Noirs. Vision Cellars Pinot’s are soft, smooth, complex and delicious. Nothing more to say, but drink them!

Lastly, the 2007 Red Blend was a treat, because what he blends changes from year to year  and they are with very few cases made. Aged in a combination of new and old oak to give it a balance that is pleasing to the palate.

When you combine an interesting man, with great stories and clear love of wine, you can’t help but have a memorable time.

Vision cellars is not distributed widely, but if you are in Sonoma look them up or search the wine list at South Wine Lounge, Westside Tavern and BLVD16.

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