Off the Vine

Blind Tasting – A method to figure out the wines YOU like

I saw the article below months ago with out chance to share it with you. Even though its late, I felt it was important to share for many reasons. The most important, is that tasting wine whether blind or not is about

“Understanding why you like what you like.”

I’m often asked, what’s my favorite wine? Being that I’m always on the hunt for something new to taste, my answer is usually “depends on my mood.”  My Wine life is about EXPLORATION. Exploring countries, states and regions. Exploring reds, whites, dry, sweet, low cost and high value wines.  Tasting all types of wine is not just for drinking, but to discover why I like what I like.

The Importance Of Blind Tasting OR, You Have To Crawl Before You Can Walk  speaks about the use of blind tasting to inform your taste. When you don’t see the label or know how much it cost before tasting, you can make a unbiased decision on what you like or don’t about a wine. Is it too dry or young? Do you like white more than red wine? All these questions are important in your wine journey, in discovering your wine taste.

My hope is that you will read the above article and start tastings EVERYTHING.

Remember you don’t eat the same food you did when you were a baby. Your palate has grown and so will your taste in wine.


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