WineTools – Wine speak made easy!

I have often struggled speaking in the wine world. Being that wine is made across the world and each country or even region can have their own ways of speaking the vine language.

You could be in France drinking Syrah and Australia drinking Shiraz, wondering… are these the same wines???

Well thank God for the “Dummies”, that created a cheat sheet for pronouncing the vast names of the wine world.  They have taken an intimidating task and made it simple. Below is just a sample, but use the link below and bookmark it NOW. Believe me you will reference it often.

Soon you will feel at ease in any wine situation!

How to Pronounce Wine Names – For Dummies.

Wine Name or Term Pronunciation
Alsace al zass
Anjou ahn jhew
Arneis ahr NASE
Au Bon Climat oh bone klee maht
Auslese OUSE lay seh
Auxerrois aus ser whah
Auxey-Duresses awk say deh ress
Barbera bar BEAR ah
Barolo bah RO lo
Beaujolais boh jhoe lay

9 thoughts on “WineTools – Wine speak made easy!

  1. Oy veh, there are quite a number of mistakes in that sheet. I have always struggled why, if one goes to the lengths to compile such a list, they do not make sure and double and triple check that it is correct…sorry, I don’t mean to be a smart ass, but this stuff upsets me…:)

    Take Weissburgunder: The sheet says Vice boor gun der. But it should be “Vice boor goon der.” The second u has the same sound as the first u.

    Or Nobile di Montepulciano: The sheet says No be lay dee mon tay pul chee Ah no. But in Italian, you don’t pronounce the “i” in these constellations. So it should be “mon tay pull chah no”.

    Or Tinto: It says “Teen toe”. It’s a short “i”, just like in the English “tin”, so it should be “tin toe”.

  2. What a great tool! I saw a great video in one of the UCLA classes of the proper pronunciations of all the German wine words. Lots of fun! I’ll have to see if I can track it down. Salud!

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