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Vine2Try – Josh Cellars Cabernet

Josh CellarsI received a text from a friend,

“You have to try this wine, Josh Cellars Cabernet.”

I trust her palate, so immediately I sought out the wine,  finding it at my fav wine store. I didn’t just buy a bottle, I bought 4!  At the price I knew it would be a great gift for some of my wine lovers.

I ended up giving them all away without even tasting. Curious of what those I gifted would think, I checked in with them and they ALL love it. When I finally had it, I had to agree. It was a good wine and it was a great value.

Josh Cellars is what I call ” I could drink all week “wine. With its fruit smell, plum flavor, and smooth long finish, you can’t go wrong with this Josh after a long day.

Region: Northern Coast of California

Price: $10.99

Where to buy: Total Wine store

Recommendation:  For the every day red wine drinkers looking for a good value Cabernet and those stretching their red wine palate to a dryer red.


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