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Vine2Try – Give Chardonnay another try with DeLoach Chardonnay

Eric Asimov begins DINER’S JOURNAL; A Beige Wine for a Beige Meal by saying,

“For a meal of relentlessly beige food, may I suggest the beigest of wines? That would be chardonnay,”

Laughing as I read it, because chardonnay IS the default wine choice for most when dining out  and its this weeks Vine2Try. Thanks Eric!

Early in my wine journey I hated chardonnay and could not understand what all the rage was about. Being a little more knowledgeable,  aware of  the versatility of the grape and how its taste changes with the region and winemaker gave  way to a new appreciation. Now knowing that chardonnay doesn’t  have to be buttery. It doesn’t  have to scream oak. Mostly importantly its worth a another look.

DeLoach ChardonnayThe DeLoach Vineyard produces a clean, balanced and value driven chardonnay, that is low cost enough to warrant a TRY.

Region: California

Price: $7.99

Where to buy: Total Wine store

Recommendation: To the white wine drinker looking for a value. Those looking for a non-oaky version of chardonnay that leaves a clean fresh finish and summer wine seekers.


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