Vine-News: The Wine Nose of it all!

I’ve always thought my smelling ability with wine was lacking. Not being one that can nail down the exact red fruit in every bottle made me wonder if my nose was broken.  With my esteem a bit bruised, I’ve soldiered on and pushed my nose to pick up those subtle scents. Do I have a super nose? NO. Will that stop me from loving wine? Absolutely not!

This morning I happened upon an article from  interviewing two wine critics that have great sense of smell. In Wine Critics Jancis Robinson And Antonio Galloni On The Power Of Smell”  Katie Kelly Bell notes:

“Smell has the power to unleash memories in a way nothing else can.”

Nose in GlassThe article points to not only the glory, but the obstacles of having an acute sense of smell.  With “Nose Power” you detect the good, bad and the UGLY. The latter making me a little happier with the lack of ability in this area.

I agree with the writer, smell does trigger great memories. But so does the sight of a rainbow, the sound of rain and the feel of pine needles from a Christmas tree. If you’re like me and don’t have a super nose; keep swirling, sniffing, and sipping to capture the memories and joy in each wine you try!

Do you have a super nose? How does it help/hurt you? How do you work around not having a great nose?

Until next time – Wine * Travel * Live

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