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Holiday Wine Gifts 2015

Each year we look to give our co-workers, friends and family a nice “affordable” bottle of wine. It can be a hard task, but this year you will have a few options from Vino-ista to help you!

In general, when giving wine I like to skip the traditional, Cab., Merlot, Chard. group. Instead, I like to use this time to let the giftee try something they may not have tried on their own.

Holiday Wine 2015

Below are a few options that are light on the budget, but may spark a little holiday fun.

All the wines below can be found at Total Wine. You can also check  as another option for purchase. The prices will range between $7-$15, with a few spurge items at the end.

I hope this helps make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. If you have any question you can find me on Facebook or tweet me at @vinoista


La Marca Prosecco, Itay, $13.99

My love of sparkling wine started a few years ago and continues to grow. What’s more festive than sparkling for the holidays. A giftee can drink sparkling with their holiday dinner or wait to toast in the new year. 

Prosecco is light and fresh, sparkling, food friendly wine from Italy. Will easily please a crowd.


Dr Loosen “Dr. L” Riesling, Germany, $9.99

Lots of people have had Rieslings from the US, but a nice twist is to give them one from Germany. This German style is light in body, normally dry with some fresh fruit that can make it seem a bit sweet. 

Gift Dr. L to a person that likes sweet wine normally. This one might surprise them.

Gazela Vinho Verde, Portugal, $7.99

Normally, I recommend this one for the summer, but its so fresh and food friendly that it can be a great holiday party treat and perfect for entertaining a crowd.


Domaine des Versauds Morgon, Beaujolais, France, $12.99

Beaujolais is the perfect wine for the new red wine drinker or the normal Pinot Noir giftee. The light body, fresh, red fruit wine pairs easily with food or with out. It also is less tannic(the drying feeling you get from wine), so that normally sweet or white wine drinkers will find it more pleasing on the palate. 

BONUS – Beaujolais is made from the grape gamay and if they have never had this before they will remember you were the person to introduce them.


Apex Late Harvest Semillon ’13 Columbia Valley, Washington, $10.99

There is nothing like finishing a meal or eating with cheese (ex: Blue or Goat cheese) a dessert wine.

BONUS – Most people give red and whites. Your dessert wine can stand out in the crowd.


BONUS SPLURGE – Treat yourself or someone special to the wines below.

Pertois Moriset Grand Cru Brut, Champagne, France, $39.99

In contrast to Prosecco, Champagne comes from the region of Champagne in France and made with strict rules and guidelines to ensure quality.

The peach, honey, toast and berry flavor make this sparkling delish on the palate.  

I would gift this spurge to someone very special or to your self to toast the new year.  Pair with anything. I recently sipped this with goat cheese, fig and prosciutto flatbread and it was ah-mazing! 

Chateau Guiraud Sauternes 2011, France, $39.97

If you want to step up the concentration of fruit flavors in your dessert wine, this is the splurge for you. The wine is full apricot and honey flavors that will make your white, lemon and apricot based desserts shine. 







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